Extra Spending Money

This morning was a total brain power kind of morning. I had a couple of high-thought jobs that needed to be done. So this afternoon, I was kind of forced to focus on work that might fall more into the brainless category because my mind was spent (yes, I realize that it does not take much to get me into the “spent” category on brain power).

So, I went about shredding some things that needed to be disposed of. Before I continue, however, I should admit that I am not known for my patience in shredding. What this means is that when the shredder says it can only hold 4 sheets at a time, I like to test its ability and put more like 12 sheets in at a time. Therefore, I have broken the shredder on numerous occasions.

As I am working this afternoon, I am feeding about 8 sheets through at a time (we all know the 4 sheets max is just a suggestion), and the shredder starts making this awful noise and the motor keeps running forwards and backwards. So, I was forced to pull out the scissors (the perfect shredder-fixing tool is a pair of scissors), unplug the shredder and go to work.

What I pulled out was a mass of stuck credit card pieces (see picture above). Apparently, multiple people in the office have been using the credit card feature on the machine to destroy old cards, and the machine does not want to flaunt that feature.

Once I had all of the card pieces pulled out, the shredder now works beautifully (well, except the automatic feature has stopped working).

Now, I am thinking my next task for the afternoon is to work on piecing together all of the credit card parts that came out of the machine to create a little extra spending money for myself.

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